What is regenerative building?

Regenerative building principles take the built environment beyond sustainability. Acknowledging the decline in the earths resources and ecosystem stability, and creating ways to give back.

In regenerative building we look at how the house or the built environment can operate as an integrated living system, and how a building can be a framework for:

  • Social renewal and healthy communities
  • Re empowering humanity
  • Re connecting people with nature
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Closed cycle waste systems
  • Regeneration of eco system services

Some of the features and considerations of regenerative building can be:

Rammed earth house,
Eathsong Eco-neighbourhood
Co-housing, Auckland

  • Use of natural materials
  • Use of renewable materials
  • Postive relationship to site ecology
  • Sustainable, ethical supply chains
  • Cradle to cradle design
  • Ecological footprinting and handprinting
  • Composting toilets and methane digestion
  • On site water catching and cycling
  • Use of plants for cooling
  • Biochar and gasification
  • Durability
  • Non toxic materials
  • Potential for owner builds
  • Simple functional design
  • Meeting shelter needs of inhabitants
  • Passive solar design
  • Energy efficiency
  • Use of appropriate technology


Recycled bottle wall with lime plaster


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