We could all grow our tea! it is in the  same  family  as the  camellia plant which is such a common garden tree all around Aotearoa. My friend Andi  is growing this one and other permaculture plants for  the Hawea Food Forest project. Does anyone know how to ferment it though? For it to be black tea it needs to be fermented. We would love to know a low tech small scale technique for home- please let us know if you know about this.


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  1. jmsinnz says:

    Did you find your answer to this question yet? And what and why is fermenting needed?

    • It is something Andy wanted to know. I just investigated it a little- and fermentation is the term but not really an accurate description. Really its enzymatic oxidation- or enzymatic browning ( drying in a controlled way- like cut apples going brown. It changes the flavour and colour- so green tea is not fermented , the process is stopped by pan frying or steaming. I think it is the tannins and flavornols that are active in the enzymatic browning.
      Maybe it really isn’t that complicated…in the tea industry it determines, oolong from english breakfast etc.
      No other answers yet- might just have to experiment when Andy has a small harvest.

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